Toy Review: Rescue Bots Electronic Mobile Headquarters

My son and I love the Rescue Bots toys, and the Rescue Bots Cartoons.  They are exciting, mechanical, fun, and non-violent.

We have almost all of the toys.  Today I purchased the Electronic Mobile Headquarters, mostly because I love the figure of Cody Burns that comes with it.  It actually looks like the boy in the Rescue Bots cartoon!  The problem?  The Mobile Headquarters is a truck, and on the cartoon it is large enough for the Rescue Bots and their human partners to fit inside.  The toy, however, is not large enough to fit even one Rescue Bot inside.  It does come with a lower quality smaller Optimus Prime, which Cody can ride in, and that one fits.  But all the rest of the Rescue Bots that I have purchased in the past year are too big to fit.

ACTION STEP:  At my son’s request, I contacted Hasbro and asked them to make the Mobile Headquarters bigger, or make transforming Rescue Bots smaller, so they can all fit inside.   I don’t expect them to do that any time soon, but at least they will have been informed of the problem.

8/29/2012:  Here is the response from Hasbro customer service

“Thank you for contacting Hasbro Customer Service and for your kind words regarding the Rescue Bots show and toys!

I appreciate your taking the time to share your feedback with us in regards to the Mobile Headquarters.

Your comments are extremely important to us. I will share your concerns with our management team so that they are also aware of your concerns.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again with your feedback. Have a fantastic day!”

Rating:  I give this toy 7 out of 10 stars.